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Visit Kampung Sanda, Pupuan – Tabanan, Bali – Indonesia.

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Sanda comes from “Sandek” (mesandekan in Balinese) which means stop or rest.

In ancient times where people who traveled from Tabanan or Denpasar to Singaraja passed through Sanda Village, at that time they were still on foot and took approximately ten days. In that far and very long journey, they needed a place for a rest (‘mengaso’ in balinese) to release tiring. This place is finally the only and one most often visited by them for taking a rest because of the location is in the middle or strategic of the distance between Denpasar and Singaraja. Due to this place is known as a place for ‘taking a rest’ (mesandekan in Balinese) thus it becomes a village called Sanda Village (derived from the word me-Sande-kan which means taking a rest). From day to day, year to year finally the number of people who stayed in this Sanda village got increase and finally become a residential location. Gradually, this place became rural area in the Law No. 5 year 1979 within, this rural area officially known as Sanda Village.

Topography of Sanda village is a highland area with a height of 700-900 meters Mean Sea Level, high rainfall, total area is 849,028 kilometers with administrative boundaries as follows:

The north is bordered by : Batungsel Village

The East is bordered by : Forest of Negara regency

The South is bordered by : Belimbing and Karyasari villages

The West is bordered by : Jelijih Punggang Village and Kebonpadang Village

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What’s Inside

Explore Sanda Village completely, with your very own eyes.

Tracking Route

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery that including mountain, forest, rice field and water fall views.

Ecotourism Agriculture

Feels the organics! Be prepared to experience a very natural products, from coffee to honey.

Local Heritage

Balinese style! Get in touch with the authentic balinese culture and heritage.


Take a look, from the inside of Sanda Village – Pupuan, Tabanan – Bali.


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Sanda Village is one of the most worth place to visit when you’re in Indonesia, everything that Sanda’s offer makes you remember how important is nature for us.

Michael, Foreign Traveler

Sanda vibes makes me feel so relaxing, the food and the scenery was just too great to remember. Can’t wait for my next visit to Sanda Village.

Rina, Japanese Exchange Student